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artiffacts of life

321 blast off

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my banana boyfriend

321 blast off

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my banana boyfriend
house parties usually never survive, especially in nice neighborhoods. well a bayfarm house party till 1:40 am is a pretty strong survivor. too bad folks are gay, or chicken, or just not cool enough. don't matter though, this rocket ship already blasted off. 321. i hate murphy. why can't he just stay the fuck out my life for just a minute, you know? damn murphy, let me live one.

i'd rather sleep alone. wait, it depends on who you are, cuz i might just want to have my legs wrapped around you. it's like, i get the feeling, but wrong vibe. just give me the vibe and we'd both be smiley. that's why, murphy is gonna get busted, because my muscles don't know the smile reflex. that murphy, he sips that haterade with no chaser. and he got lost in haterville.
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